2017 25 APR
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Spirometry in children < 6 years

A recent study by J. C. Kampschmidt et al. shows that it is possible and reproducible.

A new study was published on Pediatric Pulmonology in Murch 2016 to assess the possibility of using spirometry as pulmonary function test in children aged 3-6 years. 200 patients were enrolled with a mean age of age 4.4 ± 0.7 DS. A first spirometry was performed and then another one after three months and a questionnaire to compare the patient's clinical situation with instrumental data was released. The authors concluded that spirometry is easily achieved and also reproducible in this age group.

SIMRI, since September 2015, organized a theoretical and practical course of spirometry in children. This course have an important role to increase the use of spirometry by pediatricians in this group age. 

Ref: “Feasibility of spirometry testing in preschool children”, di Jordan C. Kampschmidt, Edward G. Brooks, Debra C. Cherry, Jesus R. Guajardo and Pamela R. Wood, Pediatr Pulmonol 51:258-266.

Article by Antonella Frassanito