2017 25 APR

Asthma and rehospitalization

Risk factors for rehospitalization after an acute episode

Asthma is one of the most common chronic disease in childhood and in the United States about 7 million children were affected. Recently, a study was published to assess the rate of rehospitalization for asthma after an acute episode and to correlate the risk factors that predispose a child to a second admission to the emergency room 12 months after the acute episode. 671 children were enrolled and 40% of children were rehospitalised for a new asthmatic episode. Younger children, black children and those who had previously carried out a treatment with inhaled corticosteroids were more at risk of further serious episodes. On the contrary, the socio-economic characteristics and exposure to some inhalants did not increase the risk of rehospitalization.


 “Characteristics of pediatric emergency revisits after an asthma-related hospitalization”, di L.H. Johnson, A.F. Beck, R.S. Kahn et al, Annals of Emergency Medicine, in press.

Article by Antonella Frassanito