2017 01 SET
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Pneumonia: a sistematic review

What are the signs and symptoms that can help us for the diagnosis?

Pneumonia is one of the most common cause of pediatric morbidity. For this reason, it’s important to identify signs and symptoms in order to arrive faster to diagnosis and to start antibiotic therapy.

In August, on JAMA, a review was published to identify signs and symptoms that significantly correlate with pneumonia. In the 23 studies included, no symptoms (such as tachypnea, fever or cough) and no auscultatory findings (crackles) were closely related to the diagnosis of pneumonia, with the exception of chest pain in adolescents. However, many studies have shown that the presence of hypoxia (defined as SpO2 <96%) and the increase in respiratory work (retractions) may be significantly due to pneumonia.

“Does Thus Child HavePneumonia” di S.N. Shah, R.G. Bachur, D.L. Simel, M.I. Neuman. JAMA.2017;318(5):462-471.

Article by Antonella Frassanito