2018 04 SET
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24th edition od Paediatric Bronchoscopy course

From September 25th-27th, took place in Naples (Italy) the 24th edition od Paediatric Bronchoscopy course organized by the European Respiratory Society. Twenty-one young doctors from all over the world have been able to learn the novelties of pediatric bronchoscopy.

The 24th edition of Paediatric Bronchoscopy course organized by the European Respiratory Society took place from the 25th to 27th of September at the Biotecnolgy Center of the Hospital Cardarelli in Naples. After the 20 editions held in Paris, for the second time the parthenopean city hosted the prestigious course. Behind the organization, the scientific brand of Prof. Fabio Midulla (University "Sapienza", Rome), Prof. Ernst Eber (University of Graz, Austria), with the collaboration of the local organizer, Dr. Bruno Del Prato (Director UO Interventional Pneumology - AORN Cardarelli, Naples). The faculty of the course includes Dr. Angelo Barbato (University of Padua - Italy), Prof. Petr Pohunek (University of Motol, Prague - Czech Republic), Prof. I. Doull (University of Cardiff - Wales) and Prof. J de Blic (Neker Hospital, Paris - France).
At its 24th edition, the course be attended by 21 young doctors (pediatricians, intensivists, priests, pneumologists) from all over the world (Australia, Canada, USA, UK, India just to name a few) SIMRI's commitment also one of the Junior Members of the company had the opportunity to participate.
The course consisted of detailed frontal lessons related to bronchoscopic instruments, indications (and contraindications) to the bronchoscopic examination in pediatric patients, accurate anatomical repetitions and identifiable and treatable bronchoscopy pathologies as well as various routine intervention techniques and in emergency (BAL, biopsies, EBUS, stent positioning ...).
Supported by excellent front lessons and rich and interesting video sessions, the course provided daily sessions of practical workshops on human models (mannequins) and in vivo on laboratory animals in the modern Center of Biotechnology of the ORN Cardarelli, where Participants were able to apply the information learned in frontal courses, under the supervision and suggestions of faculty members. The 21 participants were able to practice rigid and flexible bronchoscopes, have had the opportunity to practice BAL, brushing, biopsies, difficult inducements, and removal of foreign bodies.
A three-day training course for the 21 young doctors who thanks to this course have had the opportunity to hear some of the most excellent voices in the international panorama of the Pediatric Pneumologist. The course will allow each participant to return home with an important theoretical-practical baggage that will enrich the preparation of individuals, their background structures and will benefit the small patients who will need their interventions.

Article by Ambra Nicolai