2017 29 NOV
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Air quality in Europe: 2017 report

The new report by the European Environment Agency presents an overview about air quality in Europe from 2000 to 2015.

The new report“New in the Air Quality in Europe”by the European Environment Agency presents an overview on air pollutants emissions, concentrations, and their associated impacts on health and environment. The document shows updated data concerning the period 2000-2015 and it is mainly focused on the most serious pollutants such are particulate matter, ozone, and nitrogen oxides. Despite the delivery of air quality policies reduced emissions and improved air quality in Europe, a large proportion of populations and ecosystems are still exposed to air pollutants which levels exceed European standard and, especially, the WHO Air Quality Guidelines. This has an impact on human health and on the environment with a damage on vegetation and fauna. Lastly, the report shows a summary of emissions from agriculture and their impact on air quality and climate change that in turn impact on agricultural yields with significant losses and associated costs. In this section selected examples of measures that may reduce emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases are provided, in order to improve air quality and mitigate climate change.

European Environment Agency_Air quality in Europe: 2017 report

Article by Giuliana Ferrante