2019 01 GEN
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Agreement ERS-SIMRI

Well done! Since January 1, 2017, our Society will be affiliated with the European Society of Respiratory Diseases (ERS)

Thanks to the agreement signed by SIMRI President Renato Cutrera, ERS President Guy Joos and the General ERS Secretary Giovanni Battista for SIMRI's members will be lots of benefits:
- Free access to the online version of the ERJ newspaper for all members SIMRI (excluding Abstracts ERS Congress  and ERJ Supplements that will be distributed during the annual ERS congress)
- ERS weekly newsletter;
- Free access to the online version of the ERR magazines, Breathe (both already available for free online) and Mongraph for all SIMRI States;
- ERS will provide, on request, paper versions of all its newspapers and magazines at discounted prices for SIMRI members;
- ERS and SIMRI cooperate to give easier access to its members to all ERS and SIMRI training events;
- SIMRI members have the rights and privileges listed in the ERS constitution
- SIMRI members are encouraged to participate to the definition of the scientific program of the ERS Annual Congress
- SIMRI members will be also ERS members with a small annual contribution of only 20 euro from 1 January 2017 and for the next six years
- SIMRI members aged 65 and over will be entitled to gratuity of membership annually ERS

Article by Valeria Caldarelli