- Official italian Journal of SIMRI

- Prove di funzionalità respiratoria

Volume 16, Numero 62 - Giugno 2016


"Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so."

This sentence is attributed to Galileo Galilei (1564 – 1642), the father of modern science and experimental method; also it perfectly applies to the respiratory function test.

Respiratory function tests have a fundamental role in assessing the normality of the respiratory function and in the developing of functional diagnosis, therapy and monitoring of respiratory diseases. Moreover they provide valuable information about systemic and chronic diseases. This monograph about the techniques of respiratory function testing in pediatric age is an essential knowledge requirement for those approaching pediatric Pneumology as well as a valuable update for those already working in the field of respiratory physiopathology.  In these articles, in fact, we describe the basic functional tests, which can be performed in the pediatrician's office plus the most complex and advanced tests that can be provided by highly specialized centers. In addition, the aim of the monograph is to contribute to the training of new professionals, nurses and physiotherapists, who along with doctor, help arranging the caring for the child with chronic respiratory disease. The monograph is part of SIMRI’s resolution to foster the development and standardization of respiratory pathophysiologic methodologies and to promote the spreading of knowledge in the field of pediatric respiratory medicine.In view of that, the SIMRI has already started Theoretical and Practical Courses of Spirometry in children for doctors, nurses and physiotherapists issuing an Attested Performer certificate.This monograph has been drafted by the major experts in the field of pediatric Pneumology and addresses the main theoretical and methodological aspects of lung function, mainly to clinical use.

Enjoy the reading,

Renato Cutrera, Giancarlo Tancredi, Stefania La Grutta



Lung function tests in uncooperative children
Ferdinando Savignoni, Francesca Landolfo, Claudia Columbo, Flaminia Calzolari, Andrea Dotta
Lung function tests in uncooperative children
Grazia Fenu, Claudia Calogero, Alfredo Boccaccino, Enrico Lombardi
Spirometry in cooperating children
Stefania La Grutta, Giuliana Ferrante
Lung Volumes in Respiratory Pathology and its applications in extra-pulmonary diseases
Marcello Verini, Paola Di Filippo, Salvatore Cazzato
Diffusion lung capacity in children
Massimo Pifferi, Vincenzo Ragazzo, Maria Di Cicco
Bronchial hyperreactivity test
Laura Tenero, Carlo Capristo,Amalia Coronella, Giorgio Piacentini
Exercise tests in children
Giancarlo Tancredi, Valeria Tromba, Renato Cutrera, Giulia Cafiero, Attilio Turchetta
Pulse oximetry and blood gas analysis : the bases of respiratory pathophysiology
Aleksandar Veljkovic, Elvira Rizza, Cristiana Tinari, Elisabetta Bignamini
Pediatric rhinomanometry and nasal functionality study
Anna Maria Zicari, Anna Rugiano, Francesca Occasi, Giovanna De Castro, Marzia Duse
Measurement of exhaled nitric oxide: clinical applications
Mario Barreto, Anna Prete, Maria Pia Villa
A patchwork paper: what pediatricians should read
Andrew Bush Traduzione a cura di Maria Elisa Di Cicco