- About us

The Italian Pediatric Respiratory Society (SIMRI) was founded on September 24th, 1995, and counts more than 700 members to date.

Its interests focuses on respiratory disorders in children, such as wheezing, asthma, human respiratory syncytial virus, dyspnea, respiratory tract infections and so on.

More specifically, SIMRI is dedicated to:

  • Supporting research on children respiratory disorders (through its Research Groups)
  • Promoting scientific partnership with Italian and International Respiratory Societies
  • Promoting teaching and spreading of knowledge about the treatment of pediatric respiratory diseases

The official journal of the Society is the “Pneumologia Pediatrica” Journal, which focuses on all pediatric respiratory disorders and is available online (in Italian only).
Furthermore, SIMRI promotes awareness on topics of relevant social impact such as the consequences of cigarette smoke and second-hand smoke in children's life.